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Asian American Mental Health

Somewhere along the way, you've become an expert at playing the part. 


You know how to carry yourself in a way that allows you to fit in with mainstream society. You've done it your whole life, and it has become second nature.  


You've laughed off the microaggressions, the little comments and nagging feelings that always make you wonder (nope, you're not crazy).


Your parents came to this country to give you a better life, so your job is to assimilate, blend in, and succeed (at least by their standards).  And that's what you do. What you've been doing.


But lately, it's all been catching up.  And it's time to talk about it.

Plant Mirror Reflection

You may be looking for:

  • a safe space to sort through the mental jumble, without having to explain elements of your upbringing and family dynamics that might seem strange to other people but are just normal for you.

  • a therapist who understands the exhaustion from code switching between one culture at work and another one at home.

  • the opportunity to talk freely about all parts of your life, not just the ones related to productivity, performance, or achievement.

We don't always have to talk about race and culture in our sessions together, but we understand that it's always there: sometimes it takes a backseat, and other times it's behind the wheel. In many Asian families, we learn that the idea of expressing (or even feeling) our emotions is 

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