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Audrey Ou Therapy and Wellness

Support for burned out

professionals in California

Support for anxiety and burnout.

Encouraging exhausted parents trying to balance it all.

Navigating grief and loss.

Hi, I'm Audrey (she/her). Thank you for being here and taking this step.

You're exhausted, both physically and emotionally. You're getting by in

your day-to-day life (and making it look good, I might add), but you're

stressed and overwhelmed. Life has changed dramatically over the

last few years, and you're wondering if you're still on the right path.


From an early age, you've learned to keep your head down and work

hard, no matter the cost. While that philosophy has served you well and

brought you to a place where you can take pride in your accomplishments,

you're burning out. You worry that you're supposed to have it all figured

out by now, but you feel...stuck. So now what?

I can help. Therapy is a safe space for you to set it all down: burdens

from work, expectations from family, and anxieties about the world

around you.

If you've grown up with perfectionism and the idea that emotions should

stay hidden, believe me -- I get it. You deserve to take up space, to

embrace all aspects of yourself, not just the parts of you that achieve and

perform. We'll work together to explore a more empowered, authentic

way of living your life. 

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A note about how we'll work together.

Although I have a few in-person spots available from time to time, please note that I am seeing clients primarily via telehealth. For more information about how this works, head over to my FAQ page, and reach out to me if you have questions! 

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